Our Company

Bucket TruckLenz Electric, Inc. is a full service electrical contracting company. We have the capability to do everything from residential service calls to large commercial jobs. We constantly invest in new equipment, technology and training to help meet the customers every need, such as; power logging equipment, cable and fault locating, predictive/preventative thermal imaging, 40 ft. bucket truck, trenching, large conduit bending, insulation and resistance testing, high voltage cable work, etc.

Lenz Electric, Inc. has been a member of the National Electrical Contractors Association since 2004. Since we are a union affiliated contractor, we have the availability to a large pool of qualified electricians. Lenz Electric, Inc. takes pride in every job, large and small, and we're committed to customer satisfaction. We have done very well with employing electricians with honesty, integrity, personality, knowledge, excellent craftsmanship and desire. We are a member of the Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado, Inc. with an A+ rating.